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Designer Anna Cofrin's Forecast Trends for 2024

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Designer Anna Cofrin's Forecast Trends for 2024:

Curves and Reeded Details

As we step into 2024, the world of interior design is poised for exciting transformations. Our designers, Dalia Carter, Anna Cofrin, and Lindsey Swanson, share their unique predictions for this year, offering a glimpse into the trends that will debut in the upcoming projects they are working on. Let's explore each designer's forecast in detail, next up is Anna!


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1. Reeded Details:

Anna introduces a resurgence of reeded details creating a sense of sophistication and timeless elegance. A few of her upcoming projects for this year feature the incorporation of reeded white oak wall paneling reeded cabinetry, and reeded ceiling details, seamlessly weaving these intricate elements into the fabric of her design narrative. Reeded glass introduces a play of light and shadow, creating an ethereal quality that imparts both privacy and allure. Additionally, applying this design to cabinetry doors imparts a classic and timeless elegance, turning functional elements into decorative features within the space.

Not stopping at walls and cabinetry, the trend extends upward with reeded ceiling details as well. This adds a touch of grandeur to the vertical space, creating an architectural statement that draws the eye
upward. The use of reeded white oak on the ceiling brings warmth and continuity, tying together the design elements throughout the room.

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2. Curved Shapes Everywhere:

Curves take over in 2024 embracing a softer and more inviting approach to design. Expect to see a proliferation of cylindrical and circular shapes, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. In her upcoming projects kitchen hoods take on a curvilinear form, becoming not just functional elements but sculptural statements that redefine the heart of the home. Expect furniture pieces, from sofas to coffee tables, to embrace curves, creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation and social interaction. In bathrooms, she looks forward to incorporating pill-shaped tiles adorning surfaces.

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This intricate touch adds a playful yet sophisticated aspect to the space, transforming the mundane into a design feature that contributes to the overall aesthetic coherence.

3. Knurled Hardware:

A subtle yet impactful trend—knurled hardware. This tactile and stylish element is poised to redefine cabinets and furnishings, adding a touch of sophistication and a sensory dimension to our living spaces. Expect to see a surge in the use of knurled hardware, particularly pulls and knobs, rendered in luxurious materials like brass, polished chrome, and black.


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Schaub pulls have emerged as a favorite in recent projects.

(Upcoming 2024 Project Renderings)



Thanks for reading Anna's trend predictions for this year, next week we'll unravel the trend predictions from Lindsey Swanson, offering a comprehensive exploration of the diverse and innovative design landscape that awaits in 2024 (with a few sneak peeks from her upcoming projects!). Stay tuned for more insights and inspiration from our talented team of designers!

-- The Carbon 6 Interior Team