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Architectural Design & Exterior Selections

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Architectural Design & Exterior Selections

Carbon 6 Interiors strives to provide our clients with a quality and rewarding design experience, being a part of your entire build process is important for overall success. When it comes to the exterior of your home, we have a streamlined approach to assisting your architectural design and exterior selection process.

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Design by Architect Firm like David Charlez Designs

Architectural Design Process

After the initial meeting with our Carbon 6 Interiors team, we begin to collaborate and conceptualize with you on what your future home will look like. Working closely with you and the architectural firm of your choosing. Our focus is to work with you to create solutions for unique and timeless spaces throughout your home.

From the floor plan to the exterior design, we will be involved in each design meeting to assist with your questions and to keep your project and budget on track. Working with designers who can collaborate with an Architect Firm like David Charlez Designs, for example, will provide you the guidance needed to ask the right questions and plan your future home.

Exterior Selections

Exterior selections are the key features in fashioning the curb appeal of your home. With the vast array of exterior styles and finishes, our team will help you visualize your home’s exterior aesthetic while assisting you with selecting the right pieces to create a cohesive design.

As we look to harmonize the exterior of your home, there are many creative opportunities that can arise. Some examples are:

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Selecting Paint Colors and Finishes

The exterior of your home should reflect your style. Do you love the sleek black and white look or are you more into a solid navy blue? Maybe a set of natural hues and tones are more your style? There are so many options of color and variations of finishing selections to the exterior of your home we are happy to help you narrow down and find the color that feels the most authentic to you!

Exterior Materials

What kind of external materials suit your style -- Siding? Brick? Stone? Stucco? We have recently been loving the additions of accent natural materials like stone and wood beams.

Exterior Lighting

There’s so much opportunity when it comes to finding the perfect exterior lights. These little accents can play a major role in bringing your personality and flair to the exterior of your home.

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Then there are a few additional selections that are maybe less creative, but extremely important to the overall design of your home exterior. Including:


Selecting the roofing of your house rarely rates high on the list of fun and exciting home selections, however, when selecting the type of roof materials for your home will greatly factor the overall appearance.


Your home’s entry can often be a focal point of your home exterior. Some clients love to “make an entry” with an accent painted door, others like a more subtle doorway. Our favorite trend: A heavy natural wood. Choosing the right exterior door, and garage doors, can pull your exterior selections together with a cohesive style, and create a warm and inviting welcome for everyone who enters your home.


Windows are not only an extremely effective way to increase your home’s efficiency and value, but they can also change the style and look of your home exterior (and interior). When selecting window style and frames our team can help you sort through the various options with feedback from what we used and have worked beautifully in previous designs. A trend we love -- black modern frames.


We can even make driveways and flatwork selections more glamorous and fun! Your driveway aids in completing the overall look and feel of your exterior aesthetic. Our team is happy to assist here with your various options and contribute to finding the perfect match for your home.

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Design by Architect Firm like David Charlez Designs

While the exterior of your home creates the first impression for many, the lasting impression we want you to have from working with our team is our impeccable attention to the details. The exterior design elements and selections you come home to every day as you drive up your driveway and walk into the front door make all the difference in creating a home that’s authentic to you.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about exterior design and selections. Our team is happy to help!

- The Team at Carbon 6 Interiors