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Our Favorite Things: Summer Edition


The Carbon 6 Team’s Favorite Things 

Summer Edition 


As summer is flying by, we thought it would be fun to share with you a few of our current favorite things before we blink and it's over! The team compiled their top recent purchases and what they’ve been loving this summer so far, enjoy!  


Loved by: Dalia (& now the whole team)  

Dalia recently introduced the whole team to The Dripping Root, and you can officially call us obsessed! This new local smoothie and juice bar is located in Minneapolis and looks to “break the lines between health, wellness & culture.” We feel good all-around about drinking TDR juices in the morning! So yummy!  


Patio Lounge Chair 

Loved by: Dalia 

If you’re looking for some patio furniture to enjoy what’s left of your summer and fall Dalia loves this lounge chair with a dark grey weave and natural teak wood base (and we do too!). 




Loved by: Lindsey 

When Lindsey recommends a product, we listen. This is a product rec we all have our eye(lashes) on! She likes it because -- “It works, it's clean, and safe for pregnancy too!” 



Loved by: Sam 

Sam swears by this brush for washing your face. Since her skin glows and radiates throughout the office every day we know this LED Sonic brush must be doing something good!  



Matching Set of Rug & Pillows 

Loved by: Lindsey 

Everyone could use a set of versatile throw pillows and a matching rug, right? Lindsey recommends these new finds that feature a minimal and fresh square design for contrast and modernity alike. We love the grey, cream, and taupe coloring. 



Loved by: Sam 

Artist Spotlight! Sam loves anything painted by Marie Taylor who creates large oil paintings and encaustic work. Check her out!  


Loved by: Lindsey

We've seen Lindsey sporting these platform booties around the office and as we head into fall we all want to lace up our own pair. We love how these give the opportunity for a monochrome moment!


Loved by: Blakely 

Bring the nail salon to you! Blakely recently tried these peel and stick “gel” nails, and they are a fun way to skip the salon and keep your nails healthy but trendy. They have fun prints and your back-to-basic solid colors as well!  



Loved by: Dalia 

We don’t know who loves this floatie more, Dalia’s daughter, Gigi, or our team watching videos of her kicking away in the pool! So cute for the babes in your life!  



Grey Tall Planter 

Loved by: Dalia 

This tall, round planter will complement any outdoor space. Made from concrete with variations of grey hues which are unique to each piece this could be the perfect addition to your summer patio! 


Loved by: Sam (& the whole team)    

Because snacking is one of our favorite hobbies, the team was very happy when Sam introduced us to the MadeGood line of products. All their snacks are free from the most common allergens, are organic, and contain a serving of vegetables so they hit all of the marks for us!   



Loved by: Lindsey 

Lindsey has been wearing this vintage-y goldtone-plated open-chain necklace this summer and we’ve been requesting the link for ourselves (and now for you)! Perfect for layering or wearing solo. 



Outer Banks Season 2 

Loved by: Lindsey & Sam   

Looking for your next summer Netflix Binge?! If you haven't already watched season one of Outer Banks, it's the time! This cute teenage action-adventure / mystery is a fun and guilt-free watch, plus we always love a good teenage love story right?!  



Tell us, what is your favorite thing from this summer?! 

Thanks for reading! 

--The Carbon 6 Team


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