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7 Design Trends from the Fall 2021 High Point Market


7 Design Trends from the Fall 2021 High Point Market 


We had a great time hunting for the latest trends and influences for new furnishings and accessories at the Fall 2021 High Point Market. Comfort, curves, and neutrals seem to be the upcoming trends for this year, and we can’t wait to show you what we discovered! Here is a roundup of some of our favorite pieces and the trends we think you will be seeing more of!   


What We Loved   

Curved and Contoured Forms 

Curves and more curves! Curvaceous shapes dominated every show floor with brands displaying their newest pieces with round and contoured forms along with luxe and cozy fabrics. Sofas, chairs, and sectionals designed to embrace the body with their rounded edges and circular forms were everywhere, along with circular coffee tables, lighting, and cabinetry. Look at some of our favorites.    



Ribbing, Reeding, and Fluting  

Elegant patterns and grooves on cabinetry and bedroom furniture also caught our eye this trip. The trend for adding ribbing and reeding to surfaces creates tons of different viewing angles and a rhythm to these hard textured surfaces. You can look for this trend in some of our upcoming projects, we’ve been adding ribbing or fluting to custom cabinetry in the kitchen and other areas throughout the home.    



Hide & Bouclé 

Chairs and couches are flirting with Boucle this year and are here for it! This white pilly upholstery was showcased with a wide range of use between formal and casual sitting. The textured creamy fabric wraps the many furnishings with soft curves and displays a cloud-like comfy design. There were too many examples of chairs and sofas finished with this fabric to show you them all but here are a few!    



Cowhides, along with other animal hides, were also a popular upholstery for trendy accent chairs, rugs, and ottomans. We also loved seeing this trend on poufs - but more of that later.   




Neutrals, Naturals & Mixed Monochromatic 

Not necessarily a new trend, but furniture crafted with organic woods, stone, and materials that showcases the raw beauty of these pieces will continue to be a theme for the upcoming year. We also loved to see the mix and match of neutral furnishings that created a very monochromatic look. The continuation of naturals with the mixture of textures is a design style we love to incorporate in our own projects.     


What We Liked   


Rattan & Cane  

Cane is definitely having a moment this year! This look is light, beachy, and breezy. We saw a lot of chairs, tables, desks, and bedroom furniture hopping on this trend. A presence of deep black and rattan was prevalent as well. While we appreciate this trend and are loving the coastal home vibes, for your everyday home we think this style is cute in small doses.    



Deep & Comfortable Couches 

We made it our Market mission to sit on as many couches and chairs as possible to find out what is actually comfortable for our upcoming clients’ homes. We have to say, we weren’t often disappointed! Deep comfy couches were a major theme this year and we plan on incorporating a few of our favorite finds in open-concept great rooms, lower-level media rooms, and home theaters!    




Poufs & Ottomans 

There was no shortage of puffy comfy poufs! With so many fabric options and fun patterns, these poufs are a great way to add some warmth and color to your space. Giant ottomans were prevalent as well, great for a sitting room, office, or owner’s suite!    



What We Didn’t Like


There were just a few things that stuck out as a “no thank you” from our team, and luckily when we asked you about them on our social media pages you all mostly agreed with us! There were a few accessories and lighting with tassels, feathers, fringe, and straw that we didn’t particularly love. There were a lot of orchids in the showrooms which had us scratching our heads a bit as well…not our favorite! But as always, we should note, some of these could be great in a certain design situation, if you love them, we can definitely make them work in your space. 



We have a few food recommendations if you’re ever planning to go to High Point Market!    

  • We fell in love with this little restaurant by our hotel. They had amazing breakfast options and a comforting almond milk latte. We went every morning before Market! 


  • We went here for dinner and loved everything we tried! Definitely, a place you will need to get a reservation in advance if you are going during the Market season!  


  • In the restaurant family with Magnolia Blue this pizza restaurant was perfect for our last night of market.  We loved the offering of different styles of pizza and topping, gluten-free options as well. They also had killer nachos!      


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more blog posts on our High Point trip and design discoveries! The next post in this series will be highlighting our favorite furniture pieces, lighting, and decor. We can't wait to share these standout pieces with you!

--The Carbon 6 Interiors Team



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