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Favorite Things: Lindsey Swanson

Favorite Things:

Lindsey Swanson

Our Interior Designer, Lindsey Swanson, has compiled a list of her favorite things for this holiday season. Her trendsetting style and impeccable eye for chic modern pieces is sure to impress anyone on your holiday shopping list, or maybe, give you a few fun ideas for yourself!

Here are a few of her recent favorite things, enjoy

  1. Saie Mascara

This is the BEST MASCARA EVER!! And it’s a “clean” product.

2. Tess & Tricia Necklace 

I love Tess and Tricia because it is a woman-owned business and made in Minnesota. I have sensitive skin and this brand of jewelry has never caused me to have any skin issues!

3. Holiday Marble Tree Sculptures (Set of 3) –

I love the natural marble color variations in these modern Christmas tree shapes. Perfect accessories to provide an elevated look to your Christmas décor!

4. Winter Wonderland Pet Collar

I needed a sturdy and strong harness that was high quality but still cute for my Great Dane, Tonka, and Lucy & Co provided just that! Their holiday prints are so cute too.

5. Carved World Map Panel - 

The globe shape of these mixed reclaimed woods are perfect for adding a dark hue & texture to your space. I like the uniqueness of being able to see the entire world map.

6. Merry Christmas Sweater

I was “influenced” to buy this by @dressupbuttercup. It’s fun & cute for the holiday season, I have no regrets!

7. Le Labo - Thé Noir 29 

Hard to pick a favorite scent from Le Labo, but wow! Get yourself a few samples to test out. There are many other lovely scents!!

8. Accent Chair 

The mixed materials and textures along with the shape and detail of the chair are stylish and timeless all at once.

9. Loveblock Sauv. Blanc

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a crisp glass of Sauv.

Thanks for reading! Please contact us if we can assist you with sourcing any furniture or decor items listed above!

Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season,

Carbon 6 Interiors

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