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With Homeowners Robby & Simran Sikka

The Story Behind Building the Modern Mediterranean Home

· Carbon 6 Interiors
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Meet Robby & Simran Sikka. They are the owners of our recently completed Modern Mediterranean Dream Home. We wanted to give you the full scoop on what a “dream home” means to them, their favorite elements of the house, and their overall experience working with us! Enjoy.


What is a dream home to you?

Robby (R): A Dream Home is something for us. A home we built that will give us happiness, safety, and a place to grow. A place to love and turn our family into whatever we wish it to be.

Simran (S): It’s a home that has everything we wanted and is something that we can grow into forever.


Where did you find inspiration for designing your home?

S: We always wanted something that’s forever, as opposed to trendy or what’s ‘in’ now. I was looking for a minimalistic home with a black and white theme and everything sort of took off from there.

R: We wanted to design something modern that still symbolizes our family values. We’re not showy, we wanted every room to have a function. We made decisions on items that were top quality and are going to last us for the foreseeable future.

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What do you think visitors, your friends and family will be blown away by when see your new home for the first time?

S: I think first the overall look of it. It’s very unique with its curbside appeal, stucco, it looks different from anything we’ve come across in MN. It’s clean and modern, with an open concept interior.

R: When people walk in they are going to be blown away by how modern and timeless it is. This home was built to be a forever home with custom elements.


What should your visitors pay special attention to?

S: I took a lot of care and time to choose the lighting elements, but I also hope they notice the technology of Google Home. We find it pretty unique and a “wow factor” to us.

R: I hope everyone that walks in here is like ‘Wow, this is a pretty cool family. This is a family that built something that is very particular to them, and they must’ve had a great relationship building with Swanson Homes because it is a beautiful home with attention to detail.’


What's your favorite room?

R: I love the fact that there are two offices, each room has something that is unique and exciting for us. The room that is the most special to Simran and our daughter is the playroom. She took a lot of time and care picking out the specific elements of that room out of all the rooms in the house.

S: The playroom. It makes me want to be a kid, I want to play in that room. I can foresee myself working there instead of my own office! I enjoy the windows and the views and especially the wallpaper.

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Design Question! Did you make any choices that ended up surprising you?

S: Something I thought I wouldn’t like initially that I ended up loving was the radius in the great room. I think it really adds a uniqueness to the home, and brings your eye’s focus to the great room, tying everything together really well!

R: The pantry, and how functional it is. This was a great part for us with the design process because since we were building a home for the first time, we learned through Swanson Homes and Carbon 6 Interiors how to approach design and functionality in our home so that in the end we got exactly what we wanted.

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How did you decide to partner with Swanson Homes & Carbon 6?

R: Two years ago we went to the Artisan Home Tour and fell in love with a home that Swanson Homes built. Their attention to detail and way of creating something unique helped us make the decision to pick them after finding a location that was where we wanted to be and in the right school district (Deer Hill Preserve, Medina). We really liked their design elements and all of the attention to detail and wanted our house to be a Swanson Home.

S: Our conversation started with the Owner, Curt Swanson, but after meeting the entire team everyone has been just wonderful to work with. They’ve been very supportive and I’ve learned a lot in this process of building a home.


How did the Swanson Homes & Carbon 6 team members make this process a rewarding experience?

R: The amount of time it takes to build a home from scratch is a lot more than we probably thought it was going to be. But they made this about our family and made it work for us. They took care of us and made it as convenient as possible, meeting us at our home, and whenever we needed help with design or furniture they were there for us. They have the experience we needed working with homes and helping us with what we should avoid. Their design team also is very knowledgeable and experienced. 

S: Swanson Homes and the Carbon 6 team made this dream home a reality for us! They communicated and explained every step of the process and treated us like family. We think the world of this team. They did an exceptional job!

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Photography of home interior: Landmark Photography

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