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2022 Interior Design Trends

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2022 Interior Design Trends


As we kick off the new year, we are excited to share with you some of our favorite interior design trends we think you will be seeing a lot more of in our upcoming projects and on your feeds. Here’s the inside scoop on what our designers are recently falling in love with for their own homes and to inspire their clients!   



Ribbed, Fluted & Glass Cabinetry Details  

Adding ribbing and fluted detail creates a variety of different viewing angles and rhythm to hard textured surfaces such as cabinetry. We think you will be seeing a lot more of this trend in the kitchen (and beyond)! You can look forward to seeing this trend in some of our upcoming projects shown in renderings below as well. We also love the incorporation of glass to kitchen and pantry cabinet doors which can add a textural effect along with visual interest as opposed to solid wood doors.   



Statement Vent Hoods   

Although we find the island to be the hub of the kitchen (and oftentimes the entire home) we are excited about the recent fascination with a statement kitchen hood. In previous projects, we’ve hand-painted hoods and custom-ordered massive sizes to create a standout piece in the kitchen. The opportunities to add personality to this feature are endless so have some fun with it!    






Cozy & Comfortable Rooms    

While unique interior style and appeal are still a priority of our clients, we’ve been seeing an added attentiveness to the warmth and comfort of their space. We’ve been loving the incorporation of plush furniture, additional fireplaces, and neutral tones. Deep comfy couches were a major trend this year on our High Point Market trip (you can read more about that here), and we plan on incorporating a few of our favorite comfy finds in upcoming open-concept great rooms, lower-level media rooms, and home theaters.   




Curvy Furnishings & selections   

Curves were another standout theme from our trip to HighPoint Market. Curvaceous shapes dominated every show floor with brands displaying their newest pieces with round and contoured forms along with luxe and cozy fabrics. Sofas, chairs, and sectionals designed to embrace the body with their rounded edges and circular forms were everywhere, along with circular coffee tables, lighting, and cabinetry. The curvature of furnishing helps create that cozy and comfortable vibe that we are all loving.    


Here to Stay


Fundetailed wallcoverings that inspire joy & delight are the perfect way to punch up the personality of a room. We are very fond of giving the powder bath or a kid’s play area a whimsical flair of color and pattern. We’re also excited about the requests for fun fabrics on the walls, wall paneling, and more moody colors versus an all-white aesthetic.    


Freestanding Bathtubs 

Whether you love taking a soak or not, we can’t deny that we love the aesthetic appeal of a freestanding tub in the primary bath – and many of our clients agree! The freestanding tub is still a top choice for a luxurious bathroom suite, and we see that continuing to trend this year.    




The Blurring of the Indoors & Outdoors   

Many of our upcoming designs continue to include the main level with an open concept floor plan. With these homes, we are loving to see the incorporation of open-concept areas that lead to outdoor spaces for our clients. Incorporating more windows and doors, and even bi-folding accordion-style doorways from the kitchen and dining to an outdoor patio has been the highlight of a few recent and upcoming projects. The addition of screen porches and seasonal rooms that invite the outdoors in are still a hit as well. These innovative transitional spaces are great for entertaining, creating more natural light, and bringing scenic and expansive views into your home.    



Slatted Room Dividers   

A slatted room divider can be the perfect solution for an awkward space where you are looking to add some privacy. For example, we previously installed a slatted wood wall in our Modern Two-Story lower level where we needed something that would block the view into the bathroom but upload the aesthetic appeal of the rest of the lower level. These dividers can work well for an entryway to partially block a staircase from the view. They are able to give an added modern and textural feel and can be a great addition if you're looking to achieve “Janpandi” interior style.   


Mini Trends We Are Loving 

The color green

Custom interior doors 

Bedroom benches, poufs, and ottomans  

Hide & bouclé 

Rattan & cane 


We can’t wait to show off these 2022 trends once our current projects come to completion. Follow us on Instagram & Pinterest to see these trends come to life and for more interior inspiration!  

–The Carbon 6 Team   



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