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With Homeowners Alex & Debra Arbit

The Story Behind Designing the Modern Minnetonka Two-story

· Carbon 6 Interiors

Q+A with Homeowner's of the

Modern Minnetonka Two-Story

Alex and Debra Arbit are the proud homeowners of our recently completed Modern Minnetonka Two-Story. In this interview, we asked them about their design inspiration, artwork and styling tips, and their experience working with the Carbon 6 Interiors team. Enjoy!

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When starting the process, where did you find inspiration for your home?

We started by asking people what they loved about their own homes, and what they wished was different. We wanted to plan for a house that would fit our lifestyle as our kids grew up, so we asked our friends about the different ages and stages of their kids and the functionality of their home.

Then we went on many Parade of Homes and Artisan home tours. We took notes and thought about what we wanted to incorporate (and what not to incorporate) which inspired our entire floorplan layout and design.

For the final details we loved using HOUZZ, the boards and collaborations are awesome!

What are the most special aspects of this home?

For us, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s exceptionally functional and that’s how we live. We love that we can see so much from the kitchen -- if the kids are playing back yard or if there are guests in the great room area, the open concept suits us.

We wanted to create a cozy, sticky and whimsical home. From the colorful Smeg fridge downstairs to the varied wallpapers, we wanted our house to feel whimsical and not at all serious.

The secret office is also a super fun element that our kids love too!

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What do your guests compliment the most often when they come over to your house? What do they pay special attention to?

The kitchen. Also, our wallpaper selections in the powder bath and the kid’s playroom have gotten so many compliments.

You have such special art pieces all over the house, how do you go about selecting your artwork?

We really like to buy art when we are on a trip. For our family art doesn’t have to be expensive. We love curating pieces where each piece of art makes us think of times traveling together. We also have fun remembering the adventures it took to get some of the pieces home!

We try to buy accessories, furniture, and artwork when we are happy doing what we are doing. Even most of the plants in our home were bought on a trip to the plant store with a friend!

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Do you have any styling artwork and shelving advice?

We like to pick things that look ugly and put next to something modern. We also like to give each shelf a theme, even if we’re the only ones who know what the theme is!

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What was your favorite part about working with our design team?

The Carbon 6 Interiors team knew this should be a fun experience and joyful for us. They took every opportunity to make the process fun, from our weekly meetings to phone calls we looked forward to them all. They made it easy to involve both of us in this process as well. We really loved working with Lindsey and Dalia and had so much fun doing it!

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Thanks for reading! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Our team is happy to help!

- The Team at Carbon 6 Interiors