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Designing a Chic Office Space

Designing a Chic Office Space

If you’re looking for a sophisticated space for remote work, schoolwork, or simply a spot to keep your household organized we’ve got you covered! Designing a clutter-free and chic office is our specialty. By incorporating a few key interior details, you can create a swanky home office with good energy and effortless professional polish.

Sharing ideas on how to create a home office that inspires and motivates you, we hope you enjoy our collection of different types of home offices and the small details that make them not only functional but beautiful as well, enjoy!

The Kitchen Workstation

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At the hub of the household is the kitchen. If you’re looking for a spot to keep your home organized and running smoothly, we suggest the addition of a workstation -- often conveniently directly off the kitchen.

This organization station is a useful spot to keep calendars, save the dates, messages, and mail. We love the look of adding a bulletin board to pin artwork, photos, and important reminders. Add a touch of style to this space with your countertop selections, a chic lamp or lighting fixture, and a sophisticated office chair.

The Pocket Office

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This utility desk area is a great use of extra space within your home. Drawing many of the similarities as the kitchen workstation this space is a great spot to stay organized but with some added privacy. Typically, these spaces have more room for drawers, cubbies, and cabinets providing plenty of storage and help to keep things neat and tidy.

Many of our pocket offices have included windows to overlook an athletic court. Perfect convenience to multitask at your desk while keeping an eye on the kids.

The Home Office

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Designing a complete home office starts with the entry. Paneled glass doors are a great choice for a chic office space as they provide both privacy and a luxurious design aesthetic.

To match a modern home office to the rest of this home’s interior we incorporated a sliding wood door, an especially nice touch for wide entryways and extra privacy.

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Details we love to include in a designated home office space include:

Window views

An office that provides natural lighting and views of the outdoors is key to having a productive workday. It also helps to be able to open the windows and let some fresh air in as you move throughout your day.


Adding texture to your workspace is a great way to create a completed look, and the use of wallpaper is how we love to introduce not only texture but more of your personal style and personality into the room.


If you’re looking to really glam up your office, choosing an elegant light fixture will do the trick. What’s more inspiring than a stunning light hanging above you, and we all need some extra help getting that illuminated glow on our zoom calls, right?

Custom Shelving Displays

Get inventive with your shelving. Custom shelving cabinetry and displays help create a sophisticated office setting while providing ample storage and organization.

Bold Colors

It’s been proven that bold pops of color simulate and inspire creativity. We love this unique and bold office design from our Modern European Rambler. Matte black walls, trim, and floors create an opulent backdrop for this work setting.

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TIP: Make sure you have enough natural light coming from a window or a wide entryway to the office to pull off this dark and bold look. We also suggest including a pop of color like our blue run to create some contrast within the space.

Other chic office details we love to include:

  • Coffee table books 
  • Floral arrangements & elegant vases
  • Unique frames
  • Artwork
  • Funky desk chairs
  • Add some greenery

These little additions make all the difference.

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The Homework Station For Kids

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Designing a spot for your kids to do their homework, art and crafts, and other inventive hobbies is always a fun project for our team. You can’t go wrong with providing plenty of drawers, cubbies and cabinets for these desk areas.

Don’t forget to make these spaces aesthetically fun and creative to inspire those little imaginations. We love whimsical wallpapers, bright colors, and unique artwork. Open shelving for books and displaying completed craft projects is a must as well!

We also love to incorporate bulletin and chalkboards for these inventive spaces. They provide a perfect opportunity to chalk up a reminder about soccer practice, upcoming exams, and inspirational quotes!

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Thanks for reading! We hope we’ve inspired some new ideas for your next home office space. We would love to know -- What would your dream home office look like?

Please feel free to reach out to our team with any questions!

The Carbon 6 Interiors Team