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Splurge or Save

Splurge or Save

Our Interior Designers Weigh-In on Home Selections & Furniture

When it comes to where you spend your home interior budget, sometimes it’s not-so-simple to decide whether or not to go with a designer piece or a dupe. We asked our Interior Designers what they think the key pieces are to splurge on when selecting new home finishings and furniture, and where they look to save.

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Couches: Splurge

Couches are an investment piece and a major staple in your home. You want to make sure your purchase can be a lasting piece that will not only withstand the test of time and style but the test of durability as well. Investing in quality craftsmanship and brands you trust is the way to go when it comes to buying a new couch.

Rugs: Splurge

A large well-made rug will hold up and last vs having to be replaced in the shorter term. Again, this is an area where you want to trust the craftsmanship and quality of these pricier pieces to make sure your investment lasts you throughout the years.

Where to save:

Small rugs in high-traffic areas are a good place to save on rugs since you will often have to replace them. Smaller in size these rugs can be trendy, have a fun pop of color, and can be worth scoring as a sale item or at a lower price point.

Art: Splurge & Save

We suggest splurging on a couple of feature pieces in your favorite rooms, and save on other areas of your home. There are so many different kinds of art, prints and sculptures to add to throughout your space, we suggest purchases of all sizes and price points. Most importantly, buy art that is meaningful to you and tells a story!

Home Accessories: Splurge & Save

This is another fun place to find balance within your budget. When furnishing a new home, we tell our clients to mix it up by starting off with a few expensive large-item pieces that can make the room feel more complete. Then as you live in the home you can save on those accessory supporting pieces, finding them as you go, and bringing them in as you mix things up or change things out!

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Ceiling Light Fixtures: Splurge for sure!

We say --- definitely a splurge! Lighting usually ends up being the focal point in a room. It can be challenging to find the exact light that serves the right beauty, size and function for the space, so you often get what you are paying for with a luxury or designer piece. Beautiful quality lighting is key to exceptional design.

Our favorite ceiling lights to splurge on -- Entryway / Staircase, Dining, Owner’s Suite

Lamps: Save

With your ceiling light fixtures and other tasteful selections, lamps can be a fun accessory to shop around and save a few. If we were looking to splurge on a lamp we would pick lighting for the Owner’s Bedroom!

Home Finishing Selections

Countertops & Flooring Tile: Splurge & Save

Selecting countertops and tile for your home can really range in price depending on your home’s square feet and the number of rooms. Finding balance with beautiful pieces is the key to this category! We often suggest to our clients looking to splurge on tile to prioritize in the Owner’s suite. For countertops make the most of your dollars by starting with the kitchen countertops and backsplash. Then once you are in love with these selections you will often feel better about saving in the kids and guest bathrooms.

Plumbing:  Splurge for sure!

This is another area of your home where the use-ability and durability for each piece make a difference. Beautiful quality plumbing is key to good design. Special attention to plumbing in the Kitchen, Main Powder Bath, and Owner’s Bathroom are a must!

Window coverings: Splurge

We suggest mixing it up a bit with your window coverings! These selections will add a layer of texture and dimension to your finished space. Buying quality materials that will hold up is important, and often we can tell quite a difference between high-quality vs cheap window treatments.

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Still not sure how to spend on your home selections? No worries. Our Designers at Carbon 6 Interiors are experts at helping you create a budget from furniture to finishes and stick to it! We’ll narrow down your unique areas on where your comfortable splurging vs saving, selecting unique and beautiful pieces along the way.