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Designer Lindsey Swanson's Forecast Trends for 2024

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Designer Lindsey Swanson's Forecast Trends for 2024:

Earthy Tones and Statement Pieces

As we step into 2024, the world of interior design is poised for exciting transformations. Our designers, Dalia Carter, Anna Cofrin, and Lindsey Swanson, share their unique predictions for this year, offering a glimpse into the trends that will debut in the upcoming projects they are working on. Let's explore each designer's forecast in detail, next up is Lindsey!


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1. Roman Clay and Lime Wash on Walls:

Lindsey brings a touch of ancient elegance with the use of Roman clay and lime wash on walls as one of her 2024 trend predictions. This exquisite treatment won't be limited to walls alone; Lindsey envisions its application in key focal points such as fireplaces, accent walls, media units, and bar ceilings. One of the defining characteristics of this trend is the textural depth it introduces to surfaces. Roman clay and lime wash work in harmony to create a tactile experience, adding layers of visual interest and dimension.

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2. Natural Stone Surrounds:

The enduring allure of natural stone commands attention, particularly when adorning fireplaces, where it transforms into a sophisticated and earthy focal point. In a recent project, a dark and moody natural stone fireplace surround takes center stage of the great room. Standing boldly against the backdrop of neutral white oakcabinetry and shelving, the fireplace becomes a captivating centerpiece.

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The stone's intricate pattern, alive with movement, adds an extra layer of allure, ensuring that this architectural feature not only captures the eye but also anchors the entire space in a harmonious blend of sophistication and natural charm.

3. Statement Furniture and Rugs:

Lindsey emphasizes the importance of interesting furniture and statement rugs to elevate spaces, making them uniquely memorable. This year will be the transformative power of statement furniture and rugs as pivotal elements that elevate spaces into uniquely memorable realms. The emphasis lies not only on functionality but on the ability of these design components to imbue rooms with character and distinction. Lindsey agrees with Anna that curved furniture will be a major element to this year’s selection choices along with dark and moody furniture choices to create striking visual impact. These bold hues serve as a dramatic contrast against neutral backdrops, adding depth and intrigue to the overall design scheme.

Statement rugs will also play a role in Lindsey's interior projects this year. These rugs, characterized by bold patterns, textures, and colors, transcend their utilitarian purpose and become focal points that anchor the entire room. From geometric designs to intricate motifs, each rug contributes to the visual narrative, turning the floor into a canvas of artistic expression.

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Each piece is selected not just for its practical use but for its ability to contribute to the narrative of the space. Whether it's a uniquely shaped dining chair, an avant-garde coffee table, or a thoughtfully crafted bar stool, every piece of furniture becomes a conversation starter, ensuring that the space resonates with personality and individuality.

2024 promises a rich tapestry ofdesign trends, blending natural elements, bold choices, and timeless details. Thanks for reading Lidnsey's trend predictions for this year, next week we have our last post in this series, sharing Morgen's predictions for furniture trends (with a few sneak peeks from our Summer Artisan Home). Stay tuned for more insights and inspiration from our talented team of designers!

-- The Carbon 6 Interior Team