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Choosing Paint Colors


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Choosing Paint Colors

Nailing that perfect shade of the ultimate color for your favorite room is no easy feat. With the help of Carbon 6 Interiors, we are dedicated to making sure your walls are so beloved, you won’t mind watching the paint dry!

With the array of neutrals, ranging from crisp to creamy whites, as well as varieties of colors that pop–a rich matte black maybe – the color options for your home are infinite. When starting the selection process here are 6 tips on what to consider before you choose a paint color.

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Custom faux painted wall by M & M Bender

Our Top 6 Tips for Choosing a Paint Color


Consider your paint finish.

When selecting paint for a project, the finish is as important as color. There are five standard finishes to choose from, ranging from flat to gloss.


Giving Bold Colors a try for the first time? Start small.

Try starting off with a bold color in a smaller sized room of your house to see how you feel about a color pop!


Can’t pick a color?

If you can’t decide between a pop of color or staying neutral, try a compromise with a bold accent wall.


Go with your gut.

If you are having a hard time choosing between two colors, remember that what you naturally gravitate towards is probably for a reason!


Not all paint projects are created equal!

In our opinion, there are some projects better left to the professionals! Painting certain surfaces, like kitchen cabinets, doors, and exteriors are some of them.

#1 Tip

Always test your paint swatches!

The color of your wall is all about the perception of what is getting put next to it. Make sure you love the color in contrast to the lighting of your house, ceiling color, surrounding walls & furniture. You’d be surprised how different a paint swatch can look in the store compared to your own living space.

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Ask Our Designers

Dalia Carter & Lindsey Swanson

What’s your go-to brand of paint?

“We usually use Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams & Farrow & Ball.”

What is your method of choosing a paint color for a room?

“Starting with the purpose and function of the room, the expected layout of furniture and furniture colors, and an overall mood that is trying to be achieved.”

Do you have a favorite or go-to “safe” paint color?

DC: “I have so many to pick from! I’m currently loving Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore as a warm neutral --it’s been around forever, but is so pretty!”

LS: “I have so many colors I can’t just name one! Let’s do a full blog post just on this!”

What is your favorite recent paint job you’ve done a project?

DC: “My two favs: 1) St Andrews paneled walls in Benjamin Moore Graphite & 2) a recent sunroom with walls painted in Farrow & Ball India Yellow.”

LS: “A private residence where the kitchen cabinet color was Railings by Farrow & Ball!”

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about paint selections. Our team is happy to help!

- The Team at Carbon 6 Interiors