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Countertop Selection

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Choosing New Countertops for Your Home

At Carbon 6 Interiors, we are here to help you with every part of the interior selection processes. In our experience, countertop selections can be exciting and fun, but often a tad overwhelming. There are a lot of things to consider about your counter space within your home, and today’s countertop choices are more varied than ever!

Our designers have the experience you need when selecting countertops. We’ve worked with the top vendors to get you the best selections and pricing to align with your budget. Our design studio has many samples from various manufacturers and vendors for you to see and touch. You also have the option to visit local vendor showrooms to view top quality slabs in-person. Not only will we help you choose the right countertops to meet your needs and design style but we will make the process rewarding and fun for you!

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4 Things to Think About When Selecting New Countertops

1. What additional cabinetry and fixtures are you working with to complement the countertops you select?

2. Rank the priority of factors for your countertops such as ease of maintenance, durability, and stain resistance.

3. Are you looking for warm or cool tones?

4. Consider countertop details such as thickness, overhang, and edge options.

Learning About the Different Types of Countertops

Often the most challenging aspect for our clients when picking a countertop is understanding the variations in the differing stone types. Our team will work with you on what the right fit for your home might be based on your lifestyle and special needs. For example, if you are going to need a durable and easy to take care of countertop, quartz might be the right selection for you!

Ask Carbon 6!

Lindsey, what is your favorite countertop material?

“I have a hard time picking a favorite because natural stone and man-made stone each have varying qualities that make them special. Quartz is man-made which makes it quite durable, and pattern style is a bit more particular and predictable. Similar to Granite; Marble has its own unique beauty being a natural stone, what you see is how it formed organically-which is so beautiful. Quartzite has been a very popular type recently as well which is what I’ve been gravitating toward lately!”

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Don’t Be Surprised By These Additional Costs

Countertops have a sneaky way of adding up. Some additional costs to take into consideration when selecting new countertops are:

  1. Delivery and installation
  2. Removal of existing countertop
  3. Cabinet preparation
  4. Any custom details such as edge treatments, and integrated backsplashes
  5. Don’t forget about the sink and plumbing fixture needs as well

How do I avoid going over budget on my countertops?

When working with the Carbon 6 team we will guide you to make sure you choose the right selections for your home that are within your allocated budget. The only time our clients tend to overspend in this area is when they fall in love with a countertop from Pinterest or something they see in another home and choose to spend more to get a similar stone, which may be a higher price per square foot.

Tips for selecting countertops:


Get a sample of the countertop(s) you like before you make a final decision. Most countertop suppliers will provide a material sample that will help you see how it really looks in your home.


Countertop costs can be sneaky. Aside from paying for your new countertops and their installation, you can expect to also pay additional costs to cover plumbing fixture holes, cabinet reinforcement, thickness, and integrated backsplashes.


If you don’t have the time or budget to completely redo your countertops, and your countertops are in good shape, you may want to replace a section, such as an island countertop with updated material. This can help to enhance your space without the full cost.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about countertop selection. Our team is happy to help!

- The Team at Carbon 6 Interiors

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