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Choosing Artwork & Accessories for Your Home

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Choosing Artwork & Accessories for Your Home

At Carbon 6 Interiors, we are passionate about filling your space with an assortment of curated pieces that reflect your unique and individual style. Our designers are comfortable working with a variety of design styles and aesthetics to create spaces that fit your family's lifestyle.

We will help you incorporate the furniture you currently have and love with new custom pieces within your budget, or we can start from scratch! Our team will use your inspiration findings as our kick-off point to choose color patterns and themes around selecting art and accessories for your home.

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Art Selection

The Carbon 6 designers have gone through the process of sourcing artwork and know first-hand the challenges that come with finding the right pieces. In fact, one of our most frequently asked questions from our clients is ‘How do I choose the right artwork to fit my space?’

When buying artwork, remember that art helps define the personality of your home. It creates character and showcases your own style and charm.

TIP: Our biggest tip for buying artwork?

Buy What You Love!

It’s important not to always think about what's in or if a piece will carry as design trends change. The art you choose should be an investment piece that brings you a lifetime of value. If you love the pieces you’ve selected they will never be out of style!

Choosing the Right Accessories

Whether you’ve completely landed on your style or need help identifying your taste, the Carbon 6 team is here to help you figure out what you like when adding accessories to your space.

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Often clients have a hard time decorating floating shelves or large bookshelves. We assist by finding pieces that complement one another while allowing the space to remain light and simplistic.

When choosing accessories remember to mix it up! Use books with simply designed spines, a couple of statement pieces, picture frames, and small plants, all with complementing color palettes that flow with the rest of the space.

Our favorite accessory to source for clients?

We love picking out small unique pieces for offices and playrooms, along with organic pieces like statement plants!

Tips for Purchasing Art and Accessories for Your Home:


Buy What You Love. If it speaks to you and you love it, let it show off your personality in your home.


When it comes to choosing art, bigger is usually better. Don’t make the mistake of sizing too small. If you find a particular piece that is too small but you adore it, consider framing with an extra-large mat to make a better visual impact, or coupling it with other pieces of art you love.


Add accessories that have meaning to you. Even if this means adding things slowly over time, it's way more fun to have a home filled with decor that evokes memories and brings you joy.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to reach out if you have any art, decorating, or styling questions. Our team is happy to help.

- The Team at Carbon 6 Interiors

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