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Some of Our Favorite Interior Design Books

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Some of Our Favorite Interior Design Books

We have made a short list of the most helpful books for the professional Interior Designer, the student designer, and the type of person who finds interior design as more of a hobby!

Branding + Interior Design

Visibility and Business Strategy for Interior Designers

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Branding + Interior Design is written by Kim Kuhteubl, an award-winning producer, writer and member of the Producers Guild Of America. This book is meant for the Interior Designer who is looking to own or already owns their own firm. The largest market in the world is the residential commodities market. What’s interesting is some interior design companies do really well, but this is not the case for many others. Why? The answer is simple. Brand Image. It is everything, it is what gives character, personality, vision and life to a company. It is more than just a cool logo. It is your mission, your story, and your reason behind your brand.

This book will give you much insight on how to communicate your vision, find clientele who are a fit to your brand image, and guide you to becoming visible in this world full of competitive marketing, visionaries and competition. I have linked this book here.

Elements of Style

Designing a Home and a Life

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Are you looking to make some serious interior design updates and changes within your home yourself? The book Elements of Style by Erin Gates is a helpful guide for that. Erin has a decade of experience in the Interior Design world and has found herself full of advice, inspiration, areas of caution, lessons learned, and some of the best resources for shopping for home decor. She has done us all a favor and shared her knowledge with the world!

The Finer Things

Timeless Furniture, Textiles + Details

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The book The Finer Things is a wonderful guide to training your eye to notice the quality behind furniture, objects, and elements within a room. Author Christiane Lemieux set out to gather knowledge and guidance through the experts behind many areas within the Interior Design world; she found great knowledge on things like wallpaper and paint, textiles, accessories, and interior designers, Lemieux has curated an unparalleled education in recognizing the hallmarks of timeless, heirloom-quality pieces.

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