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Design Trends: What is IN and OUT for 2019

· Carbon 6 Interiors
Design Trends: What is IN and OUT for 2019

What’s trending for 2019 and what’s not? We’ve got some pretty good ideas here at Carbon 6 Interiors that will have you wanting to give your home a little makeover!

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Seem a little odd it’s made a comeback? I was hesitant too, but the more I study new patterns and tile options I have come to realize the Terrazzo of 2019 is better than it’s ever been! BUT some advice before you make any terrazzo moves, if you tire of busy patterns and highly trendy looks go lightly with this trend. It may work for you better as a piece of furniture rather than a flooring option. It is much easier to swap a coffee table than it is to rip up flooring!

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Some people aren’t ready to let the cool grays go, but we’re over here excited for stark whites and warm neutrals!! If you’re looking to keep gray in your home’s color palette try a warm greige, you may be surprised at how much you love it.

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Some designers are saying black is the new white. Black has been IN in the fashion world for many years, and it is finally making its appearance in home interiors!! If you’re nervous to go bold with black, try adding a black rug, or a black accent chair. You may be surprised with how much you love it and you never know, maybe you’ll add to it!

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When using granite throughout a home stick to the granite that is not so busy and differentiating in color, instead chose something with less contrast within the pattern.

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We love a dark dramatic floor, but there is something about light wood floors that make a space feel much more airy and open. Though, this does not mean that dark wood is out, I think we will be seeing lots of dark stained oak in the next year.

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Cabinet color is ever-changing but one thing for sure is cherry colored cabinets are not-so-in and haven’t been for some time now. Stick to light wood tones, white, black, warm gray, or even a color that is trending but also something you wont get tired of quickly.

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“Going green” is now a thing for interior deign too. Green is a perfect choice for adding color and ambiance to a home. You’re right on track for design trends of 2019 if you have green plants, forest green cabinets, or something like soft sage accents as your decor choice.

We hope you found some inspiration through this blog post!

We totally understand interior design trends change so quickly (similar to fashion since that is where the color trends tend to originate from) and can be a little bit harder to keep up with due to the amount of time and effort it takes to make home updates beyond buying new furniture pieces. Maybe some of this advice with the upcoming and current trends can help you make some easy and quick home updates!


Thanks for reading!

The Carbon 6 Interiors Team