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Interior Design Trends for 2021

Interior Trends for 2021

Our Interior Designers Predict What’s In & What’s Out

With the shift in time spent at home, it’s no wonder that many of us are thinking about upcoming home projects for the year! We’re just as excited about 2021 as we are about the trends we are seeing our clients fall in love with. We wanted to give you the inside scoop on what we think we will be incorporating more of in our interior design projects and what you will be seeing more of this year!

More Color, Wallpapers & Creative Wall Paneling

Less Shiplap and plain white walls

We’re starting to see a shift with clients looking to add more color to their spaces. For our 2021 forecasting, we’re saying goodbye to white shiplap and welcoming more wallpaper, and creative wood paneling!

Fun detailed wallcoverings that inspire joy & delight are the perfect way to punch up the personality of a room. We are very fond of giving the powder bath or a kid’s play area a whimsical flair of color and pattern.

We’re also excited about the requests for more color on walls and enamel colors verse an all-white aesthetic. We can’t wait to incorporate more wallpaper and other creative wall paneling this year!

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More Mixing of Materials & Textures

Less All White Everything

We’re seeing kitchens shifting away from the longtime classic all-white. This past year we’ve been welcoming new color trends and will continue to add more mixing of textures, tones, materials in the kitchen and throughout the entire home as well!

Creating warm and eclectic spaces can be more inviting and give the home addition of texture and variety. The more time we spend we spend in our homes, the more we want to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

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Sneak peek of an upcoming project!

Another fun cabinetry trend we are seeing -- high gloss painted cabinets! This will be a fun trend for discussion with our clients this year for sure!

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Photography from Brian Watford

More Big Comfy Furniture

Less Tailored Pieces

Speaking of creating a comfy and cozy vibe, we are sourcing more furniture that asks you to stay awhile. We will always cherish a custom-tailored piece, but our clients are now moving to furniture that is more inviting, cushy, and comfortable for the entire family to relax and lounge.

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More Statement Lighting Fixtures

Less Recessed Lighting

We’re not going to lie, we get pretty excited in our design studio when talking lighting selections with our clients! When it comes to lighting we adore a timeless statement piece and encourage incorporating them in your high-usage spaces.

Of course, recessed lighting is essential for practical areas of your home, however, we believe identifying your standout spaces and pairing them with a statement lighting fixture can transform your everyday into extraordinary!

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More Personalization & Creativity

Last but definitely not the least important trend we are going to see... a major increase in bringing your unique personality and style into your high-usage spaces. With so much time spent at home, and with more everyday people being invited into your space via work video calls, chats, etc we are seeing a huge opportunity for selections that deliver self-expression and creativity.

We admire that our clients are continuing to add more personalization and are seeking ways to show their personalities in every corner of their home. A professional interior designer who knows your unique style and traits can help make these additions tasteful, distinctive, and match the interior aesthetic of the rest of your home. Also, bringing your personality and flair into your home is what our interior designers are most passionate about!

We hope you enjoyed our predictions and would love to hear your own! We are always ready and waiting to start the conversation around bringing today’s trends more individuality into your space.

Have a great day and an amazing 2021!

--- The Carbon 6 Team

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