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Foliage for the Home: Decorating with Real or Fake Plants

· Carbon 6 Interiors

Most of us "decor loving" people know having all kinds of palms and pretty cacti within a home is a current rising trend, we are here to help you achieve some blog worthy spaces using, you guessed it-GREENERY!

It is important to have plants (real or fake) within a space. Why? It allows for that space to feel lively, warm and inviting! It adds aesthetic to your home. Cant decide on whether real or fake plants are best for you and your home? We will share some pros and cons to help you make that decision.

Reasons to have real plants within your home; 1. cleaner indoor air (sounds great especially during those germy winter months). 2. the genuine look of the plant itself (who wants plastic looking leaves as decor?), and finally you can't deny the simple fact that real plants make you feel happier, and less stressed.

Reasons to have fake plants within your home: 1. Less maintenance! If you are one of those people who cant keep a plant alive if your life depended on it, raise your hand! We see you and you are NOT alone. 2. Allergies! Some plants are less allergy triggering than others, for example, if you suffer from plant allergies try fake plants, or Palms! Lastly, no plant bugs... yep, your real plants will likely attract small household bugs.

Now that we have broken down some pros and cons hopefully you readers have decided on whether you want real or fake plants within your home. Or maybe both ;)


decorating with terrariums & tillandsia

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We will start off with Tillandsia aka Air Plants because they are easy to care for, real or fake! They are typically placed in a type of vase called a terrarium, which is a glass or ceramic partially enclosed container that holds soil and plants, similar to the image above! They need to be soaked in water for 4-8 hours once every 1-2 weeks. Easy, right?


Here are some great quality and variety of Tillandsia from Amazon. If you're going with a glass vase and want a bit more character to the vase here is a great option for different kinds of moss, which should be placed at the bottom of the terrarium.


We will start off by explaining the many types of terrariums; wall hung, table top, and ceiling hung. All are great options for keeping your Tillandsia. It is all about personal preference and the space that is being adorned with these pretty plants. We recommend ceiling hung terrariums for corner spaces and smaller terrariums for nightstands and shelves!


decorating with large plants

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Placement for a large plant can be fairly simple-corners work best, or an area next to a couch or end table with enough sunlight as the plant desires for survival. Planting your new larger plants in terrcotta pots are best for the soil, it allows the soil to "breathe".


Some of our favorite types of indoor plants:

Bird of Paradise-a large palm leaf tropical plant that is air purifying, very easy to care for (simply water when top soil feels dry), and fits well in many different design styles from modern to traditional.


Sago Palm-This plant is a fan of dry soil, very light watering is needed to keep this one alive. Sago Palms are also air purifying, specifically ridding indoor air of harmful pollutants, such as formaldehyde.


Aloe Plant- As most of you may know, aloe plants are succulents and succulents thrive in dry conditions. Which allows for easy care. Placing an ice cube or two every 2 weeks is an easy way to slowly water succulents. This is a plant you can actually use for things like facials and skin care!

You can find fake versions of all of these types of plants at stores like CB2, Houzz, Crate & Barrel and Hobby Lobby.


decorating table tops & counter space with plants

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When decorating table tops with plants always remember these 3 factors; table size, counter space, and surroundings.

Some dining tables are large enough to support the look of 2-3 plants, whereas smaller tables are fit for 1 small-medium plant.

Counter plants can add so much life to a kitchen. Always keep in mind how much space you have to work with vertically with upper cabinets and horizontally for prep, sink, and cooktop.

Coffee tables could always use a small plant or two, again, depending on size.

Lastly, carrying your plant decor throughout a home is a great idea. Having 1-2 smaller plants in every room can allow your home to feel wholesome throughout, especially since winter is coming. There is a point where overdoing it can make a space feel overwhelming rather than relaxing. Placing a medium to large potted plant in the corner of a bedroom and a smaller potted plant on the nightstand is a perfect way to bring life into a room without overdoing it or overwhelming yourself with watering tasks.

Here is some extra inspo for your space!

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That concludes our Tips & Tricks for the month! Comment below with any questions and we will happily answer as best we can! Thank you for reading and following along.

- The Team at Carbon 6 Interiors