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Selecting Furnishings for Your Home

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Selecting Furnishings for Your Home

Whether you’re looking to elevate your current space or choosing home furniture for your custom build, our Carbon 6 Designers are experts at guiding your selection process. We’ve worked with clients who have unique and special pieces that they are looking to incorporate with their new designs along with clients who want to start from a blank canvas. No matter what your needs, we are here to help!

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To get started, here are some general tips when selecting and buying furniture for your home.

As you start gathering inspiration for your space; whether on Blogs, Pinterest, Houzz, your favorite furnishing websites, or catalogs (do people still look at catalogs?!)... Here are some things you should be thinking about:

Walls - What colors, patterns, themes, and materials are you into? What colors make you feel at home?

Tables & Chairs




Statement pieces

Art & accessories

Tip #1. Often our favorite high-end suppliers will have look books on their sites, we love to get ideas from these!

Tip #2. Think long term. You will want to find timeless pieces that will transition with you throughout the upcoming years.

Tip #2. Think about the use-ability and durability for each piece. For example, your entryway will have lots of foot traffic, maybe this space needs a heavy-duty rug or a runner that is already distressed?

Tip #4. Fun can be functional. Keep an eye out for fun statement pieces that will stand out in each room and showcase your personality, but also be used within your every life!

Tip #5. It can be a challenge to take the time to find just the right piece, so just like our advice with buying artwork and accessories, wait to buy pieces that will have meaning to you. Even if this means adding things slowly over time, it's way more fun to have a home filled with decor that evokes memories and brings you joy.

Tip #6. 

Our Biggest Tip When Buying Furnishings:

“Furnishings and styling are a great way to tell a story of who you are. Have fun with it! Do what you love, and find a balance between timeless and trend.” --Dalia, Carbon 6 Designer

Ask Our Designer - Dalia Carter

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What is your one favorite piece of furniture to help a client pick out for their home?

A statement piece, which may differ based on a client, but it's always fun to help bring some personality into their space.

What is your favorite room to style?

The living room, it's where people/families spend so much time together whether entertaining or relaxing.

Tips for Buying Furniture Online

This tech-savvy era makes it so easy to shop for furniture pieces online, but sometimes the furniture doesn’t deliver on picture vs reality. You can trust our expertise to assist with your online furniture shopping needs, as we know the best brands to get quality pieces, along with what eCommerce platforms deliver on their promises. For some general online shopping reminders take a look at these:

  1. Make sure to double-check your measurements and don’t forget to measure the doors that deliveries will come through.
  2. Read the reviews!!
  3. Check the store’s return policy before you buy anything.
  4. Check your item thoroughly when received for any delivery or installation scratches or imperfections. 

When in doubt, ask us -- that is what we are here for! Not only do we love to help you pick out your furnishing items, but we excel in project managing your purchasing, shipment, and installation needs as well.

Thanks for reading, please let us know if you have any questions!

-- The Carbon 6 Interiors Team

LASTLY, what projects are you working on?! Send us an email, DM or comment on our social media accounts. We would love to know what you are up to and answer any design questions you have!