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How Carbon 6 Sets a Chic Thanksgiving Table

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How Carbon 6 Sets a Chic Thanksgiving Table

Table Setting Tips Using Chic & Unique Combinations

This year the Carbon 6 team is putting a hold on the paper turkeys, fake fall leaves and plastic pumpkins. Introducing a chic dining tablescape that will showcase your sophisticated Thanksgiving style!

Whether it’s for a family gathering or Friendsgiving, this table is a fit for any home.

The turkey isn’t the only one getting credits this year! Setting a warm and inviting table will always receive a few compliments from your guests.

Carbon 6 Tips for Setting an Elegant Table This Year:


Use bold colors. We love this decadent color pallet with golds, whites, dark greens, greys, even a scattering of oranges and browns.


Don’t overthink it. Sometimes we just throw a few decor items down and see how they look. Often times this casual, nonchalant placement does the trick!


Make sure your centerpieces don’t block conversations. Keep it minimal and centered. Our fall colored floral centerpiece is light, airy and directly in the middle of the table so it won’t be blocking any views!


Candles help set the mood. No evening dinner setting is complete without a few candles. We love the assorted look here of the white marble holders accompanied by a few additional gold candles.


Dress up the table with your desserts. Let your guests know what they can look forward to (once they eat all of the veggie side dishes of course)!


Play around with napkin folding! There is quite a variety of Internet videos on easy and unique folds for your cloth napkins. We like our folds to be simple and elegant, but if you want to do a turkey-shaped napkin fold this is your chance to go for it!

No matter how you dress your table, we hope when you gather around for your Thanksgiving feast with the friends and family you are thankful for.

At Carbon 6 we are thankful to each and every client, coworker, vendor, and follower. We appreciate you following along on our custom projects! Have an amazing holiday!

--The Carbon 6 Team

If you take any pictures of your Thanksgiving dining table, tag us! We can’t wait to see what you’ve put together!

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